Secondary Music Pathway to a Piece Lesson 1 Starter: Bach Listening

Time: 10 minutes

Group size: Whole Class

Tag words: composer, listening, learning, Bach, count, tune, melody, parts, violins, concerto, minor, movement

Explain to the class that as composers, they need to start by listening to and learning from other music. The class will listen deeply and actively. They will get inside the music and try to hear different musical lines, instrument/s, timbres, voices, chords and rhythms.

Teacher: tell the group that they are going to listen to a piece of music by J. S. Bach.

While they listen, they should try to count how many times the opening tune/melody returns. Remind them to listen out for the lower parts – as cellos and basses are playing the tune/melody too. In their pieces they will think about repeating ideas and having the same tune in different parts.
Listen to Bach Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor 1st Movement (audio only) Discuss how many times the tune returns – find out who counted correctly. (Answer = 7)

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