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KS1 Lesson 2 Starter: Space warm up

Time: 5 mins each Group size:  whole class/group Tag words:  space, syllable, song, clap, rhythmic, slow, accurate, tempo, track, body percussion, complexity, stamp, tap, clap. Focus video: Syllable Song or Clap, Stomp and Chomp Focus track: I feel Space, Lindstrøm   Ask the class to stand up.  Play the music and lead a […]

KS1 Lesson 1 Starter: Responding to Music

Time: 5 mins each Group size:  whole class Focus Track: Also Sprach Zarathustra – Tag words: Warm-up, listening, movement, response to music, grandeur, majesty, space Explain to the class that they are going to listen to a piece of music, and ask them to think about how it makes them feel.  Other than that, […]