KS1 Lesson 6 Main 2: Coming Home!

Time: 5 mins

Group size: Whole Group

Tag words: pitch, low, descending, sinking, diminuendo, instruments, landing, hands, high, quieter, slower, lower 

Tell the class that they are almost home, and about to descend through Planet Earth’s atmosphere. Using the pitched instruments, ask for a volunteer from the class to show you what they think landing music might sound like. If no pupil models descending pitch, then the teacher should play slowly from the highest note to the lowest while the class follows the pitch with their hands, starting high up and ending low down.

Tell the class that you need their help to land, and that they will be getting quieter, slower and lower in pitch as they do. Have the class start playing very loudly, and then quieter, slower and lower as you indicate. One option is to ask each player to stop playing and put away their instrument until there is only one player left.
Lead the role play of the arrival at home - go through the spaceship landing, taking off their kits and tidying up.

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