KS1 Lesson 5 Starter: Meet The Alien

Time: 10 mins each

Group size: Whole Class

Tag words: Call and response, percussion, rhythm, phonics, alien, name, drums, communicate, talk, discuss, pattern, soundsĀ 

Tell the class that they are about to meet an alien from an alien planet, so they must be on their best behaviour. Ask them all to close their eyes, and then put your alien hat on! When the pupils open their eyes, introduce yourself, tell them your alien name and say that they can ask you any question about the alien planet you are from.

Now give out the drums and percussion. Tell the pupils that you will now teach them how to communicate and talk on the alien planet. Play a simple 4 beat pattern on a drum and ask them to copy. Repeat this a few times and encourage them to play accurately. Extend the task by using both the drum and adding some alien vocals sounds. You might want to revise some of the alien words from the phonics activity in lesson 2.

Now ask for a volunteer to come to the front to be the alien. Give the pupil the hat and let them lead the call and response. Repeat for a number of pupils, recording or filming with an iPad for evidence and assessment.

Be sure to swap around the instruments every few minutes, allowing the pupils to make different sounds.

Extend this task by lengthening the pattern from four beats to eight beats, and explain that you are using full sentences to communicate.

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