KS1 Lesson 5 Main 1: Walk like an Alien!

Time: 15 mins

Group size: Whole Class

Tag words: conducting, sound and movement, actions, walking, step, instruments, percussion, walk, planet, slow, quick 

Put on the alien hat and tell the pupils that you are going to walk around the room and show you what the alien planet sounds like. Tell them that on every step, you would like them to play their instrument once.

Once this has been established, try walking really quickly and then really slowly to really ensure they understand the activity. Allow one or two pupils to try being the alien.

Extend the activity by adding a second sound for a different action. For example, “when the alien scratches their head, only the shakers play”. Then continue walking around and scratch your head intermittently.

Continue, adding different sounds and actions and taking suggestions from the pupils. Allow the pupils to have a go in the middle with the new actions.

Other options could include:

• Playing high pitched sounds when the alien stretches up, and low pitched sounds when the alien crouches. Playing very gently when the alien tip toes, and loudly when the alien stamps around

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