KS1 Lesson 4 Main 3: Making Alien Music

Time: 15 mins

Group size: Whole Class

Tag words: composing, performing, improvising, instruments, pattern, counting, timbre, play, number, remember, counting, different, sounds

Explain to the class that it’s time to make our own piece of Alien Music using the instruments/artefacts found on the alien planet.  Make sure each pupil has an instrument and is sat ready to play.


Ask the pupils to think of and remember a number between 1 and 8.  The teacher will then count to 8 and they should play their instrument once on their number.   Repeat this several times to ensure all the pupils understand and play accurately.


To extend this task, ask them to think of a 2nd number.  Still continuing to play on the first number, when they hear the second number they will make a different sound/timbre using the same instrument.


To extend further, the pupils should do the same with a third sound, but this time make an alien sound with their voices as well as play the two sounds from their instruments.


Record or video this activity for evidence.

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