KS1 Lesson 4 Main 1

Time: 15 mins

Group size: Whole Class/Group

Tag words: Explore, discover, find, search, seek, tuned, untuned, percussion, instruments, treasure, alien, artefact, sort, choose 

Hide lots of tuned and untuned percussion instruments around the room. Ask the pupils to explore the room/alien world and give them a minute to carefully hunt down the alien treasures before bringing them back together as a class.

Ask them what have they found? What does it do? What kind of sound does it make? What is it made of?

Using different coloured hoops, ask the children to sort the different “alien artefacts” they have found. Ask the pupils to choose their own criteria and labels and then record their sorted artefacts with photographs to send back to Earth! Encourage them to sort their artefacts in a number of ways (eg size, shape, materials, sound).

This activity could be extended by recording what they found using pictograms. Eg, “we found 4 artefacts made of metal, 2 of wood… etc”

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