KS1 Lesson 1 Main 2: Moving like an Astronaut

Time: 15 mins

Group size: whole group

Focus Track: Clubbed To Death - https://bit.ly/2qWlcsL

Focus video: Walking on the Moon https://youtu.be/aQX9KOCS7MA

Tag words: Listening, dancing, responding, science (gravity), beats, astronaut, movement, dance, club, mirroring.


Show the pupils videos of astronauts moving in space and ask them “what is different about their movements?  Why is that?”  Discuss gravity, mentioning Isaac Newton and the myth of the apple falling onto his head, and talk about the fact that gravity has a much greater effect on people on Earth than in space.


Play the pupils the track: “Clubbed to Death”.  Point out that the piece has two distinct phases/sections and ask the pupils to say what the differences are between the two?


Additional questions:

  • Which part of our journey into space could the slow and smooth (legato) piano part be?
  • What about the faster section with loud bits?


Ask the pupils to work in pairs – one leading the activity – the other following.  Explain that as you play the track they will be moving like astronauts in low gravity, and they can decide between them how to interpret this instruction.  Some pairs may decide to mirror each other’s movements, others could do contrasting or complementary movements.  Point out that moving quickly in space is pretty much impossible, so they will have to avoid jumpy or fast movements.  Ask the pupils leading the activity to swap with their partner half way through to allow both to lead.


As a class, share what each pair has done.  Are there any similarities and differences between their movements?  Ask the pupils to watch carefully and to provide positive feedback to support assessment.


Video or record the activity for evidence.

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