Unit 1 Lesson 6


Activity – Taking off or landing – what does it sound like?                   

Time: 10 mins               

Group size:  whole class/group

Tag words: pitch, high, rising, ascending, crescendo, remember, describe, taking off, landing, moving, up, down, hands


Main 1

Activity: Planetary Breakdown!                 

Time: 25 mins                       

Group size: groups

Tag words: Fuel, Engine, Rocket, Breakdown, Gravity. Role-play, flight check, crescendo, louder, music, piece, crescendo, quietly, louder

Main 2

Activity: Coming Home!                  

Time: 5 mins             

Group size: whole group  

Tag words: pitch, low, descending, sinking, diminuendo, instruments, landing, hands, high, quieter, slower, lower


Activity:  Sharing the mission experiences                     

Time: 10 minutes                 

Group size: whole class/group or partners  

Tag words:  review, evaluate, perform, share, mission, alien, shuffle





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