Unit 1 Lesson 4


Arrival on an Alien planet               

Time: 5 mins each               

Group size:  whole class/group

Tag words: arriving, landing, spaceship, descending, looking, seeing, hear, smell, feel, music, orchestra, planet, Holst

Main 1

Activity: Walk like an Alien!                        

Time: 15 mins                       

Group size:  whole class

Tag words: conducting, sound and movement, actions, walking, step, instruments, percussion, walk, planet, slow, quick

Main 2

Activity: The Sound of an Alien Instrument                     

Time: 10 mins                         

Group size: small groups

Tag words:  artefact, scrape, buzz, ring, shake, play, instrument, alien, check, explore, different, sound, timbre

Main 3

Activity: Making Alien Music                      

Time: 15 mins                       

Group size: whole class

Tag words: composing, performing, improvising, instruments, pattern, counting, timbre, play, number, remember, counting, different, sounds


Activity:   Saying goodnight to the planet            

Time: 5 mins                    

Group size: whole class

Tag words:  instruments, artefacts, alien, planet, goodnight, sleep, questions, timbre




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