Unit 1 Lesson 3


Activity: Getting into our astronaut kits

Time: 5 mins each

Group size:  whole class/group

Tag words: physical, warm up, action, get ready, space, helmet, boots, time, music

Main 1

Activity: Making a rocket                            

Time: 15 mins+                    

Group size:  Small groups

Tag words: construct, make, model, junk, boxes, bottles, tape, build, rocket, materials, exciting

Main 2

Activity: The view from the rocket window                      

Time: 15 mins +                   

Group size: Whole Class

Tag words:  launch control, rocket, Console, Computer, buttons, switches, windows, paper, pens, display


Activity:  Alien Shuffle Sing Song 2                      

Time: 5 mins                         

Group size: whole class

Tag words: sing, shuffle, alien, performance, repeat, rehearse, section, confident, clear words


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