Unit 1 Lesson 1


Activity – Responding to Music

Time: 5 mins each

Group size:  whole class

Focus Track: Also Sprach Zarathustra

Tag words: Warm-up, listening, movement, response to music, grandeur, majesty, space

Main 1

Activity: Letter from the European Space Agency

Time: 10mins

Group size:  whole class

Tag words: reading strategies, phonics, geography, science, alien, planet, letter

Main 2

Activity:  Moving like an Astronaut

Time: 15 mins

Group size: whole group

Focus Track: Clubbed To Death

Focus video: Walking on the Moon

Tag words: Listening, dancing, responding, science (gravity), beats, astronaut, movement, dance, club, mirroring.


Activity: Beginning to learn the Alien Shuffle

Time: 5 mins each

Group size: whole class/group or partners    

Focus Track: Alien Shuffle

Tag words:  singing, science, space, alien, shuffle, song, instruments

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