Unit 1 Lesson 2


Activity: Space warm up

Time: 5 mins each

Group size:  whole class/group

Tag words:  space, syllable, song, clap, rhythmic, slow, accurate, tempo, track, body percussion, complexity, stamp, tap, clap.

Main 1

Activity: Alien words

Time: 10 mins

Group size:  whole class

Tag words: nouns, verbs, adjectives, phonics list, alien, words, body percussion, hand percussion

Main 2

Activity: Communicating with the Alien

Time:  10 mins      Group size: Whole class – into pairs

Tag words: alien, communication, understanding, practice, talking, nonsense, situation, scenario, perform, imagine


Activity:  Developing confidence in singing (2)

Time: 5 mins

Group size: whole class

Tag words: sing, shuffle, alien, performance, repeat, rehearse, section, confident, clear words

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