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KS1 Lesson 4 Starter: Arrival on an Alien planet

Time: 5 mins each Group size: Whole Class/Group Focus Track: Play “Neptune” from The Planets by Holst : Tag words: arriving, landing, spaceship, descending, looking, seeing, hear, smell, feel, music, orchestra, planet, Holst  Ask the children to stand and then tell them they are landing on an alien planet! Lead them through the spaceship […]

KS1 Lesson 4 Plenary: Saying goodnight to the planet

Time: 5 mins Group size: Whole Class Tag words: instruments, artefacts, alien, planet, goodnight, sleep, questions, timbre It is now time for the artefacts/instruments to go to sleep.  Ask the pupils to say “goodnight” to the artefacts/instruments and one at a time, carefully bring them to the front of the class to put them away. […]

KS1 Lesson 4 Main 3: Making Alien Music

Time: 15 mins Group size: Whole Class Tag words: composing, performing, improvising, instruments, pattern, counting, timbre, play, number, remember, counting, different, sounds Explain to the class that it’s time to make our own piece of Alien Music using the instruments/artefacts found on the alien planet.  Make sure each pupil has an instrument and is sat […]

KS1 Lesson 6 Main 1: Planetary Breakdown!

Time: 25 mins Group size: Groups Tag words: Fuel, Engine, Rocket, Breakdown, Gravity. Role-play, flight check, crescendo, louder, music, piece, crescendo, quietly, louder Tell the class that we need to return to Earth. Role-play opening the hatches, and climbing into the spaceship. Set the scene by running through some flight checks – “check fuel – […]

Secondary Music Pathway to a Piece Lesson 1 Main 2: Examining Scores

Time: 20 minutes Group size: Whole Class Tag words: examine, score, instrument, missing, improvised, harpsichord, continuo, favourite, sections, instrumentation  The class now examine the first few pages of the score. Ask the class – “which instruments are there on the score?” “Which instrument is missing?” (Ans: Harpsichord. The part is improvised in this music. Optional: […]

Secondary Music Pathway to a Piece Lesson 1 Main 1: Active Bach Listening

Time: 15 minutes Group size: Whole Class/Individual Tag words: solo, violins, orchestra, notation, changes, texture, chords, structure, sketch, blocks, colours  Play the class the first movement of Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor. Tell the pupils that the piece is for two solo violins and a string orchestra. Watch with the animated notation: […]

KS1 Lesson 6 Starter: Taking off or landing – what does it sound like?

Time: 10 mins Group size: Whole Class/Group Focus Track: Also Sprach Zarathustra – Tag words: pitch, high, rising, ascending, crescendo, remember, describe, taking off, landing, moving, up, down, hands  Ask the class “can you remember this music from earlier lessons? Can you describe it?” (it builds up, it gets louder, the pitch gets higher, […]

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