Cam Powell

Year 1 Unit 1: Air Lesson 1

Key Learning Objective: To listen to and describe a piece of music using musical vocabulary. Warm up /Starter activity: Plasticine Person (Sing Up warm up) Main activity: Introduce the new topic of Air with a listening activity Plenary: Record and listen to a play back of the children singing ‘Up, Up, Up’.  What went well […]

KS1 Lesson 4 Main 1

Time: 15 mins Group size: Whole Class/Group Tag words: Explore, discover, find, search, seek, tuned, untuned, percussion, instruments, treasure, alien, artefact, sort, choose  Hide lots of tuned and untuned percussion instruments around the room. Ask the pupils to explore the room/alien world and give them a minute to carefully hunt down the alien treasures before […]

KS1 Lesson 3 Main 3: BLAST OFF!

Time: 5 mins each Group size: Whole Class/Group or Partners Focus Track:  Tag words: countdown, flying, physical, movement  Children to get in their rockets (either the small ones they’ve made or the huge whole class one) and blast off. Lead a big countdown and imagine flying through space to the song suggested or another […]

KS1 – Lesson 3 Main 2: The view from the rocket window

Time: 15 mins+ Group size: Whole Class Tag words: launch control, rocket, Console, Computer, buttons, switches, windows, paper, pens, display Cover your whole classroom in sugar paper (tables and display boards) Explain to the class they are going to draw the views from the rocket’s windows as if the classroom is the rocket and they […]

KS1 – Lesson 3 Main 1: Making a rocket

Time: 15mins + Group size: Small Groups Tag words: construct, make, model, junk, boxes, bottles, tape, build, rocket, materials, excitinguct, make, model, junk, boxes, bottles, tape, build, rocket, materials, exciting Explain to the class that they are going to work in small groups to construct their own space rocket.  Give out a variety of exciting materials […]

KS1 Lesson 4 Main 2: The Sound of an Alien Instrument

Time: 10 mins Group size: Small Groups Tag words: artefact, scrape, buzz, ring, shake, play, instrument, alien, check, explore, different, sound, timbre Place a number of different instruments in groups on the floor, ideally a range of instruments that includes a bell, a shaker, a tambourine, a chime bar, a scraper, a drum etc. Get […]

KS1 Lesson 3 Starter: Getting into our astronaut kits

Time: 5 mins each Group size: Whole Class/Group Focus Track: Get Ready for Space, Kid Carpet Tag words: physical, warm up, action, get ready, space, helmet, boots, time, music Getting ready to go into space.  Either use the link above and follow the actions, or choose your own song and ask the children to […]

KS1 Lesson 3 Plenary: Alien Shuffle Sing Song 2

Time: 5 mins Group size: Whole Class Tag words: sing, shuffle, alien, performance, repeat, rehearse, section, confident, clear words Watch or listen to the last lesson’s performance of the Alien Shuffle and ask the class how they might improve their singing. Continue to work on the song, taking the time to repeat sections until the […]

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